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Magda Kazimierska | 21.XII.2013 – 12.II.2014 | Hotel Best Western | Kraków, Opolska 14a

„Magda Kazimierska decided to paint flowers not because she missed good, old times, when ladies were like a flowers. One should stress at this point that this is not reactionary painting resulting from the wish to restore a certain order: some kind of fundamentalist order which – to put up a front – is called „natural”. Thi is an intelligent painting, self aware of the fact that it follows, all female strategies of avoiding flowers as a symbol of senses and expression of the world deprived  of intellectual aspects, detachment and erudition. For Magda Kazimierska, painting flowers seems to be a challenge, since not painting them could be treated as a gesture of sidestepping the issue. If painting flowers is a taboo, one has to break it. This is possible thanks to conceptual artists.”

Excerpt „Impossible to Take Photos” by Anna Markowska, published EXIT magazine (78).