16 years and seven days or Crude arts or heirs of Marcel Duchamp

4th June – 20th August 2015

The reference to the song by the master of camp is not accidental. While the exact date of the birthday of Galeria Olympia is rather a matter of convention, the fascination with the phenomenon of Violetta Villas among the artists who cooperate with Galeria Olympia is real and unambiguous just to give the example of Ewa Ciepielewska, Kasia Kmita or Adam Rzepecki. According to historical truth and facts confirmed by evidence to be found on the web and in human memory as well as in the photographic archive of the gallery itself, 16 years and seven days since the foundation of this cultural institution passed on 7th May. The opening day of the exhibition was selected for 4th June as it is more dramatic than 7th May and because 4th June 2015 is a feast for the Catholics (Corpus Christi). 4th June marks an informal celebration of freedom commemorating the year 1989. In addition, 4th June is the birthday of the founder of Galeria Olympia, its owner for many years, and now its director.



These different threads intertwine, symbolically revealing at the same time the diversity of the offer of the Gallery possible thanks to the heterogeneous artistic manifestation of artists who have cooperated with the Gallery for years making it a pluralistic art world which will always retain a taste of individual freedom. The title of the exhibition Crude Arts or heirs of Marcel Duchamp leaves no illusions on this subject.

Artists: Agnieszka Berezowska, Ireneusz Bęc, Dominik Borkowski, Ewa Ciepielewska, Katarzyna Kmita, Keymo, KREM, Bogumił Książek, Krzysztof Marchlak, Robert Motelski, Janusz Różański, Adam Rzepecki, Kamil Stańczak, Tomasz Vetulani, Grzegorz Zygier

Curator: Olimpia Maciejewska