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27.09.-19.10.2018| The Nuremberg House in Cracow

Art with no borders| European art| Art conecting people

The exhibition is organised by Nuremberg House of Cracow under the direction of Renata Kopyto in cooperation with Fred...


Robert Motelski| 28.09.-18.10.2018

"One evening at the end of January I looked out the window. The grey-blue sky covered with clouds merged with the dark earth. Behind the horizon of the mountains the light disappeared in various shades of blue.

I don’t remember how nature became the main theme of my work but it has always been important to me. As time went by, the images became more and more synthetic not because of any assumption, but due to my own experience of dealing with nature which still affects my way of perceiving reality. I don’t invent ideas or forms. They come by...



Ewa Ciepielewska, Wojtek Ćwiertniewicz, Magda Kościsz, Władek Markowski/ 01.06.-31.08.2018

The energy of water, the energy of the city, the energy of the tip of the nose, the energy of youth, the energy of reflection, the energy of love, of desire, the energy of a tree, of the sky, of peace, the flowing or sometimes frozen energy of screaming, of stopping, the penetrating,...



changes in the perception of hypersensitivity"/ Małgorzata Wielek Mandrela, Bartek Jarmoliński, Paulina Poczęta, Paweł Łyjak, Paweł Hajncel/ concept, production: Bartek Jarmoliński/ 21 April to 20 May 2018/ in the frame of Cracow Gallery Weekend KRAKERS

The Latin title "Vita morbus est" means life as a disease. Hypersensitivity, perceived mostly as a medical condition, is now a phenomenon that affects many of us, hence the title "changes in the perception of hypersensitivity". Hypersensitivity, associated with the functions of the right...


Agnieszka Berezowska

GRAPHIC ART| 24 March – 18 April 2018

Colorful linocuts and a short-lasting installation made of Piszinger cake for the opening. »

Bogusław Bachorczyk


Curator: Michał Sobol/ poet

THE MESSAGE, which is the subject of Bogusław Bachorczyk’s  latest exhibition, has been around for longer than the village. The village, as we understand it, often in the...


Tomasz Vetulani

There is no threat

Weapons and colour

24 Oct.-15 Dec. 2017

Tomasz Vetulani's work balances between two fascinating axes, producing an image of an artist juggling various means of expression. From intriguing and expressive objects, made by him from, say, hot white glue or black silicon, with strong social and political connotations - to subtle images-objects, evoking fleeting states, where the sensitive eye of the artist touches the sublimation of certain senses and undoubted beauty.



5th  August – 15th  Okt. 2017

Curator: Bartek Jarmoliński

This artist, who belongs to the young generation most often reaches for stories from his childhood. And these are complex stories in...


Bartek Jarmoliński

Men’s Day II/ 10.06.-31.07.2017/ open Tue-Sat 12-14

Bartek Jarmoliński has decided to take a closer look at what is termed masculinity, wondering to what extent it is culturally imposed and how much it is a real, internal need. His multi-layer collages are a visual guide to recesses of male psyche, burdened with the emotional costs of adapting to the requirements of reality. But not only that – it is also an attempt to make contact with his own "soft" ego. Men in embryonic position, looking like they were sleeping resemble defenceless,...


Zabłocie Storehouse

Curator: Krzysztof Marchlak/ Artists: Piotr Bogatka, Blanka Dudek, Albert Jeżowski Stanisław Koba, Bogumił Książek, Krzysztof Marchlak, Jan Płatek, Michał Stonawski, Maria Wasilewska/ art work by Stanisław Koba

Na Zjeździe 8 has many functions, but it is art which has unexpectedly begun to give it a new one which in the seventeenth century was that of a salt storehouse, later changed to military barracks, to eventually become a venue for artists and their art. It also houses the Skład Solny art gallery which irregularly holds art...

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