Andrzej Kowalczyk »

The truth about the fairy tale

Paintings, objects, drawings 1994-2016

20 September - 18 October 2016/ curator: Anna Baranowa

Andrzej Kowalczyk – a multimedia artist - is primarily known as an actor of the Cricot 2 Theatre. He has started exhibiting only recently. The turning point for his independent artistic career was last year's centenary of Tadeusz Kantor and the awareness of his upcoming 60th birthday this autumn. The artist says: "I am 60 and now I am allowed do everything." The curator, fascinated by the creative acceleration, is inviting you to a birthday exhibition which will show several themes related to childhood, always present for Kowalczyk as his theme and inspiration.


The title Truth about the fairy tale comes from one of the latest works from the Pneumatofory cycle. Kowalczyk uses visual means to tell his own fairy tale - about growing up, about the hunger to create, friendship and love. The exhibition opens with drawings from the 1990s which were in connection with the performance of the open-air Vive la foresta and closes with mobile and “pneumatic” works from this year. The show is complemented by theatre props and film footage from Kowalczyk’s selected performances.