Artidomowo »

8 Oct. – 29 Nov. 2013

Curator: Olimpia Maciejewska.

Olympia Gallery has moved from the district of Kazimierz, ul. Józefa 18, across the river to Podgórze. Kazimierz has not lived up to expectations and irrevocably lost its chance to develop. Ulica Józefa has became a route for representatives of mass tourism devouring day (or night) tons of French bread toasts. In addition to street consumption of food, tourists are busy taking pictures and blocking pavements and streets. It is difficult for others to push through the crowd.

So, for the convenience of people sincerely committed to contemporary art and ready to beat the wide if winding staircase, we are opening Galeria Olympia in studio 4b at ul.  Limanowskiego 24. There in "home atmosphere" we can shelter from the bustle of the crowd and escape from "loud, group and mass rapture " of regular museums.

The team at Galeria Olympia, contrary to popular opinion, assumes that art is essential, inexpensive and that it is a must-have. Brief encounters with art at public galleries deprive us of the chance of an aesthetic experience. Public art institutions implementing an educational mission instruct us how to read works of art by providing information about them. The descriptions become more important than the work itself.

Spiritually renewed, Galeria Olympia will let you tame art on the spot, purchase it and take it home with you. We are starting business on 4 October at 8 pm with an exhibition  called "Artidomowo". In line with a slogan which we adopted in 2013, which reads: "The final offensive of women before the revival of masculinity" (it's just a slogan and it's meant to provoke, please don't take it literally), we have invited the following artists to participate:

Agnieszka Berezowska,

Ewa Ciepielewska,

Magdalena Kazimierska,


Alicja Kośmider-Feist,

Roberta Myszkowska,

Nina Pers,

Małgorzata Sulewska,

Małgorzata Wojciechowska,

and a special guest: 

Kamil Sipowicz.