13 Feb. - 31 March 2015
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Dominika Bęc's Curriculum Vitae reveals two important facts from her artistic biography. Firstly, Dominika Bęc is a thoroughly educated artist. She graduated from the prestigious Antoni Kenar secondary art school in Zakopane, and then from the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Secondly, painting has been her interest and practice and she has further defined its type. Dominika Bęc is into in easel and wall painting.So painting as a kind of visual art is a form of creative expression for Dominika Bęc. Such a clear artistic statement nowadays deserves great recognition.



The theme of her paintings is the surrounding reality. A classical self-portrait in an untitled painting. A still captured with Polaroid-like precision in "Bulls". A reflexive scene in "Masks". In contrast, "Girl with a bone" iconographically refers to the master Vermeer and touches upon the ever current problem of anorexic models. In the paintings from Greenland it is nature which dominates.

I imagine that photographs play the role of sketches for the artist. Taken by her with a digital camera, or simply with a mobile phone, or found in online resources. It doesn't matter. What is important is the great skill with which Dominika Bęc uses colours, both monochromatic in the case of works from Greenland, as well as a polychromatic where with extensive visual culture she uses complementary colours in both the additive and subtractive method. The artistry of Dominika Bęc's workshop is complemented by her oil technique.

What else can you desire? I say nothing. What about you?