Robert Motelski / Expedition/ 27.06 – 31.07.2014

Everyone has a certain problem. Generally speaking, it is a problem how to coexist with the world. With the things that surround us. There are many things that surround us and the one we readily turn to is the natural world. Nature. There is a kind of a paradox in our turning to nature. As we resort to it from our everyday world, full of unnatural problems and, at the same time, it is strange to us; sometimes it may frighten us, we do not know how to behave when we enter its realm, and this is indeed the very realm that we as the human species originated from.


This presents a problem for everyone. Quite a great problem, quite a major problem which we tend to forget about, immersed in the realm of our own problems. Everyday, urban, existential. As if we were scared of not being able to deal with yet another – problem. Meanwhile, the one is out of town. Sometimes even just behind the window. Let us take a tree. Such a tree behind the window informs us that it is not the only tree and appeals  to remember about the tree itself and the other trees. At a moment of a week, when we are free from everyday information of our lives, this information coming from a tree makes us change our place. Let us say, get ourselves together,  take our family along, or go on our own, take something else along, like a camera, and leave for a place inhabited by trees. Watching the paintings of the artist, one may remember the reason why every now and then we venture to such a trip. Robert Motelski is a painter who returns to his own world, his everyday realm, with the pictures of the forest realm, places of recreation, relief, breath and adventure. He brings back photographs and films, unique notes from the open air, some kind of a travel sketchbook. He does not give titles to his paintings. He signs them only with a date to recall the moment wherein a particular view was recorded in his memory. A moment. A flash. Then the moment stretches in time needed to transfer it to the canvas. But the fact how long the time is does not have any significance. Why not? That is the question. Perhaps because the world the artist had entered, the world he had seen, whose image he had taken along by means of memory, a photograph, a film, is greater than the things he does himself. The world of nature puzzles him. How? In a positive or negative way? Calms him down or frightens? Safe in his studio- but is he really? He recalls the images of a forest, meadow, lake. He paints them on canvas. He struggles with them. He admits his uncertainty- like through showing the same campfire on different backgrounds: the black and the white one. He puts a question mark. The paintings, ladies and gentlemen, are a question mark- a road sign which leads us beyond our everyday life. As to the life happening every day right next to us in the world of nature, which the artist brings back to us.

Jan Kawiorski