Hand Made »

22.03. - 21.04.2016

Artists: Tomasz Vetulani Katarzyna Kmita, Małgorzata Samborska

curator: Olimpia Maciejewska/ space design: Janusz Różański

In the ordinary world appreciation for the works made by an artist, their manual dexterity and mastery, is evident. In the artistic milieu however, craftsmanship is not enough for "toil and drudgery of creation" to be positively assessed. What, then, qualifies the final product of an artist who uses traditional handicraft techniques as a work of art? And, where does the artists’ need
for "lending" materials which are treated as non-artistic come from? Are they not attempts to test oneself in an action in which the artist's hands are simply but wonderfully the first and direct tool?
Tomasz Vetulani makes objects from silicone used in construction, Katarzyna Kmita uses the cut-out technique whereas Małgorzata Samborska embroiders with the cross stitch.