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The premiere of the video clip “Nie chcę cię”

6 October 2014, 7 pm


The band Krem provide the response to the confusion of the individual in the digitised and unemphatic world. Their dance music stylistically alludes to the safe 1980s and is dangerously close to camp aesthetics. The group was set up in 2008. The leader, Wiki Królikowska – keyboard and vocals, transfers the idea of looking for yourself and for love in the modern world from her songs into reality.



The funds, budgets, capital in the music industry have revaluated in the last decade, in other words, the situation is not good. At the same time new technologies have never been so easily accessible to everyone. Why not make music clips for peanuts? More precisely, for 1 złoty? "Piosenka o spacerach" - 1 złoty, "Chcę Cię" - 25 złoty, "Zabiłam Koty i Psy" - below 50 złoty, "Konkubina" - 35 złoty plus sandwiches and cakes ... The latest clip "Nie chę cię" is the most expensive video clip in the history of the band. Its budget is about 100 złoty. We hope it was worth the money.