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Hommage à Antoni M.

Rafał Bartkowicz stimulated by the prophetic work of Antoni M., an inspired artist, a priest of the absurd, has prepared a series of works collectively called Devotional articles. Bartkowicz’s works are, as he explains, only inept imitation of the master. "In his work, Antoni boldly uses assembly, a technique successfully used before World War I, before World War II and still today. He juxtaposes fragments of reality, he composes, rearranges, even manipulates them, not afraid of connecting the objects with the sound or the word. Aesthetically he relies on the excellent examples of religious art, boldly combining innocent white with gold to produce an effect of wealth and glamor, seriousness and solemnity, even pathos. Thus he creates our new style, better style, the all-encompassing National Style.


Antoni’s works also contain sombre, infernal elements, close to Goya’s concepts and the Spanish painter’s sleep of reason which produces monsters. And in the light of the announced artistic measures, Antoni’s expansion into new areas of art is almost wonderfully surreal. The upcoming performance may only be described by the words of the Song of Maldoror: ‘As beautiful as the chance encounter of a sewing machine and an umbrella on an operating table’”.