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3-18 Sept. 2015

Dmitry Szewionkow-Kismiełow is a Russian who has been living in Krakow for over twenty-five years. He was born in Moscow, where he studied stage design. Graphic artist and book illustrator. He worked for Oficyna Literacka Publishing House. He did graphic design and book illustrations (including Tales of the Zohar, The Upanishad, Tibetan Book of the Dead) for numerous publishers. He has recently designed the cover and illustrated Stories for Albert (stories for an autistic man written by Krakow poets). He is responsible for the graphic form of the Novoye Polsha, a monthly magazine in Russian language published by Biblioteka Narodowa presenting the Russians with a true image of contemporary Poland.




This how Marcin Baran, a poet and friend of the artist, reviews Dmitry Szewionkow-Kismiełow's drawings:

"If I were to even briefly characterise his style, I would probably recall the tradition of Dürer's engravings, nineteenth-century encyclopaedia illustrations and Jan Lebenstein's drawings. Somewhere in this universe-bestiary of confident strokes which are internally trembling, lies the strength of DSz-K's talent.

However, the above thesis would be difficult to confirm at this dispersed exhibition of DSz-K's works. It would be difficult because the visitors have been allowed to see DSz-K's intimate sketches-records. They are not miniatures with distinct lines and dots breathtaking with their cruelty and clarity. They are rather whimsical notes, lazily variations of a wandering pen, pencil or lead. Shapes only rarely achieve a clear outline, frequently soft lines meander casually, as if they could not decide where they should go. Paradoxically, however - the final outcome is very determined, almost – fleshy."

An exhibition of drawings by Dmitry Szewionkow-Kismiełow presented in three locations in Krakow: Piękny Pies club/ ul. Bożego Ciała 9, Galeria Olympia/ ul. Limanowskiego 24/ 4b, Best Western Premier Hotel/ ul. Opolska 14A