Tomasz Vetulani/ 05.09. – 04.10.2014


There is nothing wrong about concentrating on only one item presented at the exhibition instead of slowly moving along the walls and gazing in turn at all of them. Let's not deceive ourselves - such conscientiousness may eventually lead you into the corner of the gallery from where you will have to flee wishing for the irretrievably lost opportunity to get to know, or at least familiarise yourself with the new collection of the artist. This artist is Tomasz Vetulani. It is typical of him to create objects which are making a world – it is important to note the imperfective aspect of the verb: are making. The reality of this world is not completed.


For example - there are artists who work on their style - the style of observing the world and the style in which they transform (reproduce) this world in their work. One work is a continuation of the previous one, this is followed by one giving rise to the next one, learning about the world through art should be done in a certain rhythm. Such artists follow their style. And we who look at their works get the impression (feeling) that we are following in the direction that we have suggested. The world presented by Tomasz Vetulani does not appear in such a form. It was observed by the artist in a non-assembled form. However, terms such as chaos and even confusion, are unsuitable here. It would be better to use a metaphor of collecting evidence, as in an investigation. But there is no need to panic. Tomasz Vetulani is not an apocalyptic artist and the evidence is not that of crime or any catastrophe. Quite the contrary – it is the evidence of life. Placed alongside, but not involved in interactions planned in advance by the artist. If reactions between them occurs, it is rather in the presence of the viewers gathered to take a look at his new collection.
Sometimes he suggests how to observe, shares a reflection, adds a title. However, he remains enigmatic and laconic. Observation of his world will be more effective if we move around freely in an undetermined manner.
In order not to overburden his sense of invention which is to present this non-assembled world - not to burden it with the weight of techniques proved and popular in art, the artist uses ones which are not widely used. He paints with silicone, uses recycled materials, sticks things on packaging paper. It may be said that he treats technology with a certain dose of nonchalance. But such nonchalance gives him freedom. And this freedom is useful if you feel the need and have the desire to show the world in such a way. This bustling not-definite world where the countours of things are not fully drawn presents itself better and more distinctly when it is depicted (shown) using the unexpected .silicone rather than the obvious oil.
Tomasz Vetulani asks himself and his viewers how to create beauty by chance. That is the question. It is no coincidence that it appears at the end of this text. For now we must seek to answer it alone with the aid of the exhibits which fill the gallery. (Text by: Jan Kawiorski.)
  • Tomasz Vetulani, untitled, silicone on board, 63 x 73, 2003

    Tomasz Vetulani untitled

  • Tomasz Vetulani, untitled, silicone on masonite, 63 x 73, 2003

    Tomasz Vetulani untitled

  • Tomasz Vetulani, silicone on masonite, 63 x 73

    Tomasz Vetulani untitled

  • Tomasz Vetulani, The Bag, silicone on bag, 67 x 70, 2013

    Tomasz Vetulani The Bag

  • Tomasz Vetulani, Our Pope, silicone on paper, 57 x 77, 1978-2013

    Our Pope

  • Tomasz Vetulani, Self-portrait, silicone on paper, 57 x 77, 2014

    Tomasz Vetulani Self-portrait

  • Tomasz Vetulani, untitled, mixed technique on wood, 78x58, 2014

    Tomasz Vetulani untitled

  • Tomasz Vetulani, Pyramid of Art, Science and Culture, mixed technique o foam sponge. 89 x 135, 2001

    Tomasz Vetulani Pyramid of Art, Science and Culture

  • Tomasz Vetulani, Pot Plant IV, silicone on sponge, 34 x 25, 2013

    Tomasz Vetulani Pot Plant IV

  • Tomasz Vetulani, Pot Plant, silicone on paper, 308 x 206, 2013

    Tomasz Vetulani Pot Plant

  • Tomasz Vetulani, V(ET)UJTONY, silicone on paper, E/ 1/50, 15 x 15, 2014

    Tomasz Vetulani V(ET)UJTONY