Bartek Jarmoliński/ 2 Oct. - 5 Nov. 2015

"Hereditary features involve a set of processes making an offspring similar to the parents. As a result of gene mutations, however, certain malfunctions may occur leading to genetic diseases. Tendencies, as well as diseases may be chromosomally conditioned (lack or surplus of a specific chromosome). Haemophilia and colour blindness are sex-linked conditions. They are both caused by recessive genes and both occur mostly in men. In women, they are regulated by another normal chromosome. The anomaly of the X chromosome often causes Klinefelter or Turner syndromes."There are also heriditary tendencies, usually regular use of substances leading to permanent health damage and dependence on other personalities or audio – visual works. Since 2006, photographs have been taken documenting a particular kind of relationship between Bartek Jarmoliński and his mentor- father Jacek Malczewski. Jarmoliński photographs himself with Malczewski's self-portraits.


A private photographic archive has been set up bringing the character of Malczewski and the author to one plane, one area. The aesthetics / nature of these photographs recalls photos from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The main reason for Bartek Jarmoliński's project are references to Malczewski in terms of self-portraits of each of the two artists and their particular context. What is “genetically conditioned” is the tendency for the rich creation and symbolism of presenting own image as well as involvement in painting and the importance of the role of the artist.